Outrigger Canoeing Membership


Port Douglas Outriggers is always keen to welcome new paddlers to the club. We invite you to come and try our Outrigger paddling for three sessions free of charge. Upon completing these sessions you may obtain a club membership.

We are a non for profit sporting group, your membership to the club is used to purchase new outrigger canoes, training blades, safety equipment and is used to service and repair the club equipment.

The current joining fee is $170.

Along with your club membership you also need to join Australian Outrigger Canoe Racing Association (AOCRA).

AOCRA is a national organisation which coordinates paddling events and clubs across Australia. Most importantly AOCR provides each club member issuance which protects each member again any accidents which may occur on the water.

Currently the AOCRA joining fee is $79.00
To join AOCRA visit the following site aocra.com.au